A Pinch of Sage


My mission is to help create, maintain and support safe communities, where members can live a healthy life.

Why A Pinch of Sage you might ask?  Well for two reasons.

One is I enjoy cooking, using fresh ingredients and the smell of herbs.  I like sage and it sounded better than a pinch of salt, or a pinch of rosemary.

The other reason is that sage can also mean a wise person.  It is an appropriate term for working with community members and leaders as we all contribute our own wisdom to make a strong, healthy and safe community.  I want to add my wisdom and if we all add a pinch of sage, we can make great things happen.

So what do I focus on to help community members lead safer and healthier lives?

I am interested in eliminating the issues that cause human trafficking.  It is such a terrible crime and to know slavery still exists for so many people in our own backyard, makes me angry.  I work on policy changes, community outreach to bring organizations together, and addressing the issues (such as poverty, low self-esteem, lack of resources, racism) that lead our youth down this path.

Eating healthy, exercising and focusing on our own well-being creates healthy citizens in our community.  Everyone should have access to clean, affordable and nutritious food.  We need to know where to get this food and how to prepare it to benefit our bodies.  Exercise is important in maintaining a healthy body, and not just exercising the body, but also the mind.  Feeling good lifts our spirits and we are kinder and nicer to our neighbors.

Taking care of Mother Earth is key in sustaining a healthy and safe environment.  We need to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  But there is more to it than that.  We need to think about the implications of our actions and how they might affect the planet and future generations.  How can a community be safe and healthy if we don’t take care of it?

In Peace,