A Pinch of Sage


When you are part of a community, you find there are many people with similar interests, goals and desires that you have.  What better way to accomplish those goals than to work as a team rather than as multiple individuals?

Working together can bring results about sooner and often times with more impact than if one person is plugging away.  I strongly believe collaboration is an essential part of a community.  Collaboration allows members to work together, build comradarie, share information, learn and grow from each other.

If you are at a sporting event, cheering on your team, wouldn’t the team feel more support from a crowd of people screaming for them to succeed, rather than one or two people?  It’s the same thing in building healthy and safe communities.  We all need to come together and shout loud to have our support heard.

Working together means including all members of the community, building partnerships with individuals, organizations, government agencies and elected officials.  Imagine all the expertise in a collaboration when you have so many partners in the room from different backgrounds with different viewpoints.  It’s purely magical.

So find your partners and come together to make a difference in your community!