A Pinch of Sage

Mind & Spirit

Our health and well-being isn’t just about exercise and what we eat, although those are important.  Our mental state and emotional health are also key to being a healthy individual, and even a healthy community.

I’ve always heard the word “balance” used to tell me to stay healthy, but I didn’t really know what it meant.  It’s tough to know and we are all different and every day and minute are different.  I’ve learned to just do the best I can and to be more in touch with my thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Have you ever been around someone who is positive, has a great outlook on life and in general is happy?  Did you find that energy to be contagious?  Like you felt happier being around them?  Did that person look healthy to you?  Or what about the opposite, have you been around someone who is negative and complains?  I don’t know about you, but I wonder if all the health problems they are complaining about aren’t caused by their mental state of mind.

I’m not a doctor and I’m not saying that happy people are all healthy, but there is an influence.  I think about my grandmother.  She’s in her late 80’s and has trouble getting around or doing every day things.  When she talks, she talks about being old, not able to do XYZ, and complains about this ache or another.  She is almost 90, I can’t blame her, and perhaps this example is a little extreme, but it’s illustrating a point.  I have a friend who is the same age as my grandmother, she plays tennis several times a week, travels around the world, throws parties and enjoys life.  Sure she might comment here and there about her age, but she has a completely different mental attitude.  This is what I mean by having a healthy mind.

When our emotions, spirit or mind are out of balance, we can see them manifest into our physical world as well.  Take care of yourself, your WHOLE self, take a wholistic approach to keeping yourself healthy.