A Pinch of Sage


We all want to live in a place that is free of harm or danger.  Community members must work together to provide a safe environment for each other, including the children and elderly.

What exactly contributes to a safe community?  In my opinion, it’s having a home to live in, neighbors who care about each other, clean streets, jobs for the community members to earn a living, adults mentoring children to study in school and choose empowering activities, giving equal access to opportunities and resources to all community members and the ability for community members to work together to make the necessary changes for a safe neighborhood.

If we can communicate with one another, with our community leaders and elected officials, then we can build the safe community that we all want for ourselves and families.  A safe community means less stress and anxiety on those living there, which is also beneficial to ones health.  Children can play outside without the fear of something happening to them.  If the environment is clean, then it’s also beneficial to our health.

One example that comes to mind is the air quality of a community.  In Long Beach, we live near a large port with lots of truck traffic on the freeways.  Those families that live near this environment, with polluted air, face higher incidents of asthma.  That’s not healthy, nor is it safe.  Breathing toxic air is a safety concern as much as a health concern.  If our community members are sick, how can they contribute to making our neighborhoods even greater than they are?

Poverty is also a safety concern.  If those who are struggling to survive turn to other than honest ways to make a living, then the community suffers.

A safe community is a peaceful community, a productive community, a healthy community and a happy community.