A Pinch of Sage


No, not the state, ME!  I’m Virginia Zart, from Georgia, went to school in Virginia and New York, but now live in California.

You can probably tell from this website  I am passionate about making a difference, helping others and creating a peaceful world filled with compassion and understanding.

What else do you need to know about me?  Lots!  But I’ll keep it short.

I’m loyal, trustworthy, conscientious, organized, task & goal oriented, a good listener, spiritual, diplomatic, peaceful and friendly – this is just a sampling from a long list!

I practice yoga 3-4 times a week, ride my bike to places as much as possible (I don’t like driving), I eat a vegan diet (since 2010), love working in my vegetable garden plot in our community garden (organic of course), meditate daily, enjoy hiking and walks along the beach, and traveling (I prefer the out of the ordinary kind of places & learning about cultures).  I love living in Long Beach!  I love the people, the diversity, the sense of community, the passion, the location, the opportunities, the neighborhoods and so much more.

I am happily married to Nicolas, who is from France and we met while living in Japan.  We’ve been married for some time now and don’t have kids.  I’m an aunt to some great kids!!  One nephew, who isn’t such a kid and has his own son, is from Germany, one nephew and two nieces from France, and two nephews and three nieces from Georgia.  That’s the hardest part about living in California, is being so far away from family.

If you want to know about my professional experience, here is my LinkedIn page.  I left my career in the financial services industry in 2012 to do meaningful work in my Long Beach community and align my professional life with my values and interests.  If you know of an organization that could use me, please make the introduction!

In 2005, I joined the Junior League of Long Beach.  I’ve learned so much with this organization, met amazing people and am proud of the work we do for youth in our community.  Because of Junior League, I helped start the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force in 2012.  In such a short time, this group has grown and the partnerships and collaborations that are happening because of the task force amazes me every day.  I’m so grateful to work with so many amazing people and leaders in Long Beach.